Targeted, Verified, Hired!

Talent Acquisition

Our candidates are our greatest asset!


Executive Search

If you need to find a CEO, CFO, COO or to fill any executive position, we have you covered.

Computer Engineers

With the current competition in the IT industry finding the best tech talent can be a challenge, let us handle it. We can help with developers, UX designers and more.


Your management team is the backbone of your company, their decisions directly impact production and profit. We can help you find your next manager, from Regional managers to Store managers we got you covered.

Why us?

We pre screen, interview, verify  and in some cases train our candidates before we recommend them to our clients. When you get a candidate from EPR National, you get a candidate you can trust and a company dedicated to getting you the right candidates for years to come.
If you need to fulfill a vacant position with the right candidate request a quote today!